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Frequently Asked Questions: Smiley360 Connect

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An educated member is the best member. We want you to get the most from our community, so we strive to be completely transparent in providing information on what is, how it works, why it exists, and what being a part of the network means for you. We're here to help. See this FAQ for answers to common questions, or feel free to contact us if there's anything else we can do to help you, to improve our community, or if you just want to connect!

What is Smiley360 Connect?

Smiley360 Connect is a place for Smiley360 members to come together and share opinions on brands that matter to them. It is a community-driven network (think of it as a Yelp for brands). You can search for a brand and add your own content to the brand page on Smiley360 Connect. What do you think the Smiley360 Community should know about a brand?

What should I review on Smiley360 Connect?

Any product, brand or company is fair game on Smiley360 Connect. Think about

  • brands you use regularly
  • brands you really want
  • brands you've seen advertised
  • brands loved by your friends

What kind of content can I share about a brand?

Share anything about a brand that you want the Smiley360 community to know. This can be your own opinion on the brand, a story about how the brand has impacted you, your favorite commercial by that brand, or other links to videos, photos and product reviews.

When should I create a new brand on Smiley360 Connect?

Only create a new brand if you're sure it doesn't already exist on Smiley360 Connect. Use the search box to find the brand you're looking for. If it doesn't show up, click on "Create a New Smiley360 Connect" to create a new brand.

What do I get for writing a review on Smiley360 Connect?

You will earn Smiles for writing reviews on Smiley360 Connect. This will help you increase your Level within the Smiley360 Community and earn the rewards that this brings.

If I write a really positive review, will I be sent a free sample of the product?

No. We encourage the sharing of honest opinions. Dishonest reviews are not helpful to the Smiley360 community.

How do I share my review to Facebook, Twitter and my other social networks?

Every brand page has a share button for you to easily share a brand with your network. Show your friends what you've said about a brand, or encourage them to write a review of their own.

I see incorrect information about a brand on Smiley360 Connect.

If you notice anything wrong on Smiley360 Connect, such as duplicate brand pages, an incorrect logo or false information about a brand, please report it to us via email to Please include links and as much information as possible about the problem. If you see an incorrect or inappropriate review from another member on a brand page, you can alert us by clicking the "Flag" button next to each comment.

What does it mean to "follow" a brand on Smiley360 Connect?

Following a brand on Smiley360 Connect means the brand will appear on your main Smiley360 Connect page. This gives you quick access to your favorite brands so you can see what the community is saying. You can unfollow a brand at any time by clicking "Unfollow" on the brand's Smiley360 Connect page.

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