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Smiley360 Member Code of Conduct

As a member of the Smiley360 community, you get to enjoy trying products for free and sharing your opinions online and offline. As part of your membership, you agree to always be honest, never mislead and always try to provide valuable and authentic opinions. Please take the time to read this page and understand disclosure and what it means for you.

Disclosure simply means making it known that you have received a free product or brand experience as a Smiley360 member.

How do I disclose?

When you spread the word about a product you've received from us, you must clearly communicate that you were compensated with a free product in exchange for your honest review. An example of how you can do this is to include the following phrase in your review:

"I received [product name] for free from Smiley360."

Or you can simply add the hashtag(#) #samp (Sample) or #freesamp to the end of your post:

"Loved trying [product name]. I would definitely recommend this. Check it out #samp"

We recommend using these hashtags(#) on micro blog sites such as Twitter. Doing so will allow you to devote more space to your review without having to worry about character limits - allowing more of your voice to be heard.

(When you share to Facebook and Twitter using the sharing tools located on your mission page, such a phrase will be included automatically. Some examples of where you should write this include the Smiley Connect, your personal blog or on an online review site such as Amazon.)

We will never tell you what to say about a product. You are free to speak from actual personal experience in your own words. Be sure to fully experience the product and take time to form your opinions. Your feedback matters, and people will listen to you. Disclosing that you have received a free product ensures that your opinions and reviews are seen as credible and trustworthy to your friends and network.

Disclosure is an important part of being a Smiley member. Disclosing that you have received a free product means you're following guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (we wouldn't want you to get in trouble!) Following these guidelines will help you to enjoy your Smiley membership and all that it brings.

Be heard. Be happy.

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